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Poster_1History of the Central Marketing Corporation

The Central Marketing Corporation was created through Act Cap. 81 of 1st March, 1974 as agency within the Ministry of Agriculture.

The mandate of Corporation is to stimulate, facilitate and improve the production, marketing and processing of produce in Antigua and Barbuda for the benefit of the producer and consumer.

CMC also helps to develop and carry out a coordinated program with the view of securing the most favourable arrangements for the purchase, handling, distribution, transportation, storage, processing, marketing and sales of produce in Antigua and Barbuda.

CMC operates in a very competitive market environment and has expanded its focus to trading in dry goods and other staples to meet market demands.

Vision Statement

The Central Marketing Corporation protects national food security and facilitates agricultural producers and processors in the provision of the health and nutritional needs of the people of the region.

Mission Statement

To trade in agricultural, services and inputs necessary for the development of the agricultural and agro processing sectors in the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States.